CONGRATS! You’re getting married!

As a Celebrant, it’s my mission to create a unique ceremony for you that is as personal as you want it to be. That means no cookie cutter weddings. No boring weddings. And no ‘been there done that heard it all before’ ceremonies.

What I want to do is get to know you and your partner, whether it be over a cup of tea, hot buffalo wings and beer, or a glass of wine, so that I can understand your unique story, what you want from your wedding ceremony, and - just as importantly - what you don’t want.  Call me a geek, but this is one of my favorite parts of the job, because the more that I can get to know you and your fiancé, the better I know your ceremony will be, and the happier everyone will be at the end.


But maybe you’re not wanting a big ceremony? And if that’s the case, have you thought about whether eloping would be better for you? 

As well as wedding ceremonies, I also work with couples to create beautiful elopements. Elopements are perfect for anyone who wants to get married with just the two witnesses and minimal fuss - or with lots of fuss, but minimal guests.

An elopement ceremony with me is the perfect halfway point between a big blow out and a courthouse wedding. You’ll still get the personalized ceremony, and it’ll still be about you and your love, but it’ll be a much smaller affair with 2 or 3 guests.

Fee Structure

I charge $400 for a standard wedding ceremony. If you give $50 to an LGBT charity of your choice. I give you a $100 discount.

If you’re eloping, I charge a rate of $300, with the same charity-eligible discount.

If your venue is more than 40 miles outside of the 30307 area code, a travel fee applies.